Thursday, 12 December 2013

Back for the Holidays

My dog ate it.  My printer wasn't working.  I forgot it at home.  Those excuses work for my students, but I have a feeling that they don't help to explain why I haven't blogged in months.  I suppose my best excuse is that I got busy.  I don't accept that as an excuse from my studentsthough.  Thankfully my awesome student-teacher has helped lighten my load over the holiday season, so I've got the time and energy to share a new project with you: my Christmas party necklace.

The need for a Christmas party necklace was born two weeks ago when I bought a new Christmas party outfit that I certainly did not need.  Tom and I were out shopping the day after black Friday, and most stores still had 40% off everything in the store.  I've never owned a sweater dress, but have wanted one for a while (I love one-item teaching outfits!).  When I saw one for just $15, I had to try it on. 

As soon as it was on I realized that it would certainly never be a teaching outfit.  It was slutty short, and kinda low-cut.  I liked the fit, but decided it was just too short for me to wear anywhere.  As I was heading back into the change room, I saw a girl come out in the same dress, with leggings on.  So maybe it wasn't the dress that was slutty, it was me that was slutty, for considering wearing such a short dress with bare legs.  I wound up buying the dress, then some leggings, which I always swore I would never wear.  Don't bother telling me that I'm too old for leggings.  I have them now, and I've already worn them.

All that to say that I needed a fun necklace to wear with a solid grey sweater dress and black leggings.  Thank you mom for funding this necklace (and much more) with my birthday gift card from Michaels.  I picked up some nice red and green beads as well as some chain for the necklace.  It was so much fun to shop for beads again!  I hadn't done that all year. 

I started the necklace design on Thursday night, and finished, but wasn't thrilled with the final product.  After sleeping on it (the ideas, not the necklace itself!), I decided to add some red and green beads directly into the chain, instead of just hanging.  I finished it Friday evening, about ten minutes before leaving for my first Christmas party.  I'm really happy with the final product, and I got so many compliments on it that I wore it again the following night to another Christmas party.  I was told there that I should be selling my beautiful jewelry.  For how much I could charge, I don't think I'd be working for a very good hourly rate.  I much enjoyed making it though.  Thanks mom for giving me inspiration (aka funding) to get moving on a new project.

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. WOW You look awesome--like the end product on What Not to Wear.
    Of course you made a gorgeous,custom necklace for that "finished' look.
    You do make beautiful jewelry -You have the gift . I get compliments on the ones you've made for me ---but when I make any they look like a JK arts and crafts class,LOL
    Keep up the nice work and the great blog -I look forward to the updates.

    1. Thanks mom! Don't tell Billy about the boots please.

  2. Katie....
    I love the necklace! :) Selecting new beads must have been a fun adventure.

    It is hard to keep up w/ all of our goals - so don't be hard on yourself - You look fabulous! I have been doing OK w/ my goals: reading + family birthday cards (mostly) - but I definitely slacked off in the area of exercise. Will have to make that one a priority next year...

    Once again - the necklace looks great -- and frankly ... I'm impressed w/ the $15 sweater dress !!! :)

    1. Ah yes, you would be the one to comment on a good bargain Sherita!

      Not that I think you need more exercise (you are gorgeous just as you are), but if you're interested, I'm going to be starting a brand new dance class downtown on Saturdays with Nicole. You guys could probably carpool from Barrhaven. It's gonna be fun!

    2. dance class.... where I can hide in the background ? Or would I actually need to know what I'm doing? Send along details to my email :-)


  3. Once again Katie I think your creative juices were right up to par!! The necklace looks perfect for your outfit....and you are not too old to wear leggings!! I see far older women wearing them.

    You look very pretty all dressed up...and the boots go with the outfit too!!

    I am happy that you started to blog again. I miss your entries!! They are fun to read and entertaining too. Have fun with all your Christmas parties! You may want a second outfit though :)

  4. Joan are you telling me not to wear this outfit to church on Christmas eve??