Sunday, 28 April 2013

In Case You Were Curious

I won't even make excuses (at least not long ones) for getting this photo up so late.  Yes I'm still planning to run another marathon next weekend in Austria.  No we haven't sold the house yet.  Enough said.

Two weeks late, here is the picture of my mom's birthday necklace:

There's already another birthday coming: mom-in-law!  Any requests Joan??


  1. I am not really Anonymous I am Mom(no account set up)
    Thanks -beautiful necklace -I love it
    -Your house -spring has sprung -it will sell now
    Have a great time next weekend -I know your run will be great and meeting up with friends makes it even better
    You can bead and blog later

  2. It's a busy life!! So many things changing...doesn't seem to be enough time to catch up. The necklace is beautiful. You have a very creative mind, Katie.
    You two are in my prayers daily, but especially for this marathon. The Maadi runners will be happy to see you both again!
    I will see you on Thursday afternoon.
    God bless you:)